Size: One cute animal

Why stick to traditional sizing when you can choose based on something as delightful as cute animals? At Mash, we recognize that standard dimensions vary across brands. That's why we've introduced a fun and personalized way to find your fit—by animal names!  Simply click the button above to explore our “Sizing guide” and discover the perfect match for your measurements.  Can't find your "animal"? No worries! Since we operate on a "made-to-order" basis, feel free to email us for a custom size request. Choose any animal you like, and we'll tailor it to fit you perfectly. Enjoy your shopping experience, and remember—you're as stunning and adorable as the animal you resonate with! XOXO, MASH.


Walking on shells



Walking on shells, is something between top and jewel. A fusion of elegance and preciousness, meticulously crafted with a combination of beads, crystals, and vintage magnifying glasses in various sizes. To add a touch of drama, it's adorned with pantyhose straps. It's finished with chains at the back, so it can fit several sizes.

Size: One cute animal