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A Story of Childhood Revolution: How MASH Was Created

Welcome to the inaugural post of our brand new blog at Mash, where fashion meets fierce individuality and heartfelt passion.You've stumbled upon the very first ramble on the Mash blog,...

Welcome to the inaugural post of our brand new blog at Mash, where fashion meets fierce individuality and heartfelt passion.

You've stumbled upon the very first ramble on the Mash blog, where we mix fashion with a healthy dose of rebellion and a sprinkle of sarcasm. I'm Masha, the chief troublemaker and brain behind this fashion uprising known as Mash. Picture a world colored in Soviet greys, and there's me – the accidental splash of black, the middle child who decided normal was overrated. Here I am, the enigma who would stand quietly in her braids and modest skirt while her mind headbanged to Rock music. This blog? It's not just a peek behind the curtain of a fashion brand; it's a journey through my misadventures, the odd chuckle in the dark, and the dreams that are stitched into Mash's very soul. Fasten your seatbelts, folks; we're about to dive headfirst into the hurricane that is my life.

Soldier's certificate, Soviet Union. of one of the family members.
Soldier's certificate, Soviet Union. of one of the family members.

Early Years: The Making of a Misfit
Ah, childhood - that magical time of life. Well, mine was more like a Soviet-era sitcom without the laugh track. My family, picture-perfect in their love for tradition, and then there's me - the wildcard. The middle sister, forever the black sheep, eternally marching to the beat of a different drummer. Picture a shy little girl, quiet as a mouse, with loud thoughts. Trapped in the austere halls of an ultra-Jewish school, there I was, braids and all, secretly syncing my heartbeat to the pulse.

My first real stunt of defiance came at the age of 8.
Picture this: a little girl, a can of spray paint, and a school wall that was begging for a makeover.
So what would annoy teachers in a strict Jewish school the most? Graffiti of crosses. Yes. it happened.
I wasn’t making a religious statement with those crosses; oh no, I was simply pressing all the forbidden buttons I could find. It was more than a childish prank; it was my declaration of war against the mundane, the very beginning of my lifelong crusade against normalcy.
It was an act of rebellion, a way of saying, 'Hey, MOM, you can’t box me in.'
This wasn’t a phase, guys. This was the dawn of a rebel, the birth of a mindset that would someday be the backbone of Mash.

An illustration of how I thought it would look from the side. Of course there is no picture because no one was proud of it. Me neither.

Growing up, where words were scarce and freedom scarcer, I found my escape in art. Drawing, sculpting, sewing – these were my allies in a silent rebellion. A quiet world where I could shout without making a sound.
Then came the night – my personal horror show. Nightmares, vivid and terrifying, became my unexpected muses. Who knew that the things that go bump in the night could fuel such creativity? In the twisted tales of my dreams, I found inspiration, a weird kind of comfort in the chaos.
Because I was so different from the norm, or at least as my mother thought. She believed I had psychiatric problems because I wanted to listen to music that had screams in it, and wanted to wear black eye makeup (shocking! A 12-year-old girl wants to rebel and have boobs. What a scene!)

And because of that, they thought i have problems. Quickly psychiatrists and pills that I really didn't need became a part of my life.

So, luckily there was Google, and I started researching what the hell they wanted from me. And I discovered psychology.

So I delved further and further into the intricacies of psychology, and then a whole world was revealed to me - serial killers.
It shocked me deeply. I found out what mental illnesses really are, and it started to excite me. Getting into it, reading where psychopathic people operate from, do they feel? Why do they do that?

From there, I began to discover - that we all have dark sides. Although most people in the world are not serial killers, there are undoubtedly psychopaths walking among us, like that psychiatrist who one day discovered he is a psychopath - but he is completely normal, without any intention of ending someone's life.
In short, I started to explore this side myself. And I discovered the amount of violence that resides within me. You were drawn to the unknown, to the dark, to the truth.
When you connect to that side, suddenly you start seeing it in other people. But only in those who are also connected to it, even if it's just a little.
I started to find that most people are very afraid of it. And that's a shame, in my opinion. Because you have no idea what you will discover there. It's a muted part of your personality - which can bring a lot of things with it. a good things.
Eventually, these aspects shape my creations.

Let's Talk Fashion, Shall We?
It wasn't a choice; it was survival—turning scraps into statements of defiance. At the age of 14, armed with a needle and some thread, I started my own fashion revolution.
I was a poor girl, receiving donations of horrible clothes (second-hand was not an Popular thing then), and out of the need to express myself, I cut and changed them completely. It was exciting to create something wearable that describes you in the perfect way. It was also a way of shouting, 'Here I am, world, deal with it.'
Nowadays it's easier, because it's cool to be different and special. But back then, it was still like this: Gothic = Satan worship.

My designs were (and still are) a combination of gothic and punk, black and red, the colors of my journey, sewn into each piece.
Every garment I create tells a story - a saga of survival, of breaking free and doing it in style.

In my next works you will see more inspiration from war, rebellion against the "Big people" and of course, my personal feelings.

Me. at my studio. a few min after i wondered what the fuck i created.

And so, Mash evolved from my personal mutiny into something bigger – a fashion statement with a purpose. More than a label, it's a declaration, a stand against everything that tried to hold me down. My designs are not just about looking good; they're about making a statement, about wearing your rebellion like a badge of honor.
Looking ahead, I see Mash as a haven for dreamers, for rebels who find beauty in the unconventional. It's about creating a world where fashion is more than fabric and stitches; it's about stories, struggles, and a relentless pursuit of peace.
So, there you have it. Mash - born from necessity, raised in rebellion, ready to take on the world. Stick around; I'm just getting started.

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