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As a designer entrenched in the provocative and the unconventional, my studio is not just a workspace; it's a sanctum where the unconventional is the norm, and rebellion is the...

As a designer entrenched in the provocative and the unconventional, my studio is not just a workspace; it's a sanctum where the unconventional is the norm, and rebellion is the language we speak through our designs.

Each piece begins as a flicker in the dark - a thought, an emotion, a reaction to the world's absurdities. I draw inspiration from the shadows, the overlooked, and the misunderstood. Museums with their dark art, the gritty streets, the complex human psyche, and the realms of the macabre - they all feed into the creative beast. My designs are not just clothes; they are stories of resilience, cynicism, and a dash of sarcasm towards a world that often prefers gloss over substance.

Tate modern, London. June 2022

The translation of these ideas into tangible garments is a meticulous and intentional process. It's here, in my studio, a kaleidoscope of creativity, where the magic happens. This space is more than just walls and workbenches; it's a living, breathing entity. A collection of images that provoke thought and challenge norms, fabrics that range from the eerily delicate to the defiantly robust, music that resonates with the beat of the underground, and experiences that span the spectrum of human emotion.

Every cut, every stitch is a deliberate act, imbued with meaning and purpose. As an advocate of slow fashion, I embrace the time it takes to perfect a design. This is not just crafting clothing; it's sculpting a narrative in fabric form. The studio, with its eclectic amalgamation of influences, is the crucible where ideas are forged into fashion statements. It's a place where the unconventional becomes the norm, and where every piece created is a testament to a journey that transcends the ordinary.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, whether it's the lyrics of a song or the experience of playing with a copy machine in the studio. Anything that evokes feelings and emotions can serve as inspiration for the next creative endeavor.

"Gimme CHAOS" December 2023. 
at my studio, Tel aviv.

Nearly every garment here is handmade, marking a quiet rebellion against the fast-paced, disposable nature of modern fashion. The absence of machine hum signifies this. Each piece carries the touch of the human hand, adding a unique dimension and a personal connection. "Mash" began exclusively with customization, but in November 2023, we expanded our offerings to include ready-to-wear options available for purchase in a "Made to Order" format.

In a world constantly chasing the 'new', I find value in limitation. Each design is restricted to a mere five pieces, (for now) ensuring exclusivity and reducing wastefulness. This scarcity isn't just about creating demand; it's a statement against the relentless consumption that plagues our society.

The process of the "On the bus" dress. Sep 2023.

My commitment to "Anti-animal-cruelty" is a deeply held belief, far beyond a mere trend. This philosophy is woven into every fabric choice and design decision in my studio, a place where compassion for all living beings is stitched into the very essence of our creations.

Simultaneously, my approach to fashion is as much about challenging stigmas as it is about crafting attire. Every piece I create is a defiance of norms, a conversation starter, and an invitation to delve deeper. To me, fashion is more than just clothing; it's a powerful medium of expression and a tool for social commentary.

mumok - Museum moderner Kunst Wien - May, 2022.

So, this is where the alchemy happens. In this studio, we don't just make clothes; we craft a stance. We weave narratives of defiance, introspection, and advocacy into every garment. It's a journey that transcends conventional fashion, creating not just apparel but a form of art that dares to make a statement.

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